Project Management

Recently completed projects:

  1. Painting contract:  Painting interior and exterior of New Cash build at Orange Farm
  2. Complete renovation of  town house in Pretoria.
  3. Concrete Polished Floors for Storage at 14th Avenue Strubensvalley
  4. Checkers Fourways, replace collapsed slab and rebuild and plaster of walls.  Tiling of floors
  5. Canadian Embassy – Pretoria – relay of roof tiles, waterproofing of concrete roof
  6. Serengeti House – strip and seal of natural concrete floors
  7. Project Management for the erection of three sheds at Avenge Van der Bijl Park. Total of 8000m²
  8. Zibo Containers – replacing of collapsed electrical cable trays and painting of water containers
  9. McDonalds – provide soft flooring to kids play area to selected stores

Current projects:

We are currently busy with an eco clean sewage system (purifying of contaminated water to drinking water) at Chalmar Abbattoir.
Cedar Square paving, storm water system and painting contract.

 Featured projects:

  1. Cedar Square
  2. Aveng
  3. Zibo

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